Como Filtration Systems


Lube Oil

What are the applications of lube oil?

Typical applications are rear axle differentials, transfer cases, gear reducers, planetary gear drives, gear motors, and some bearing applications. These oils are designed to cool and lubricate the contact surfaces of the gear under extremely high pressures. Keeping this oil clean is the key to long equipment life.

In some applications, such as coal pulverization in power plants, contamination is a large concern. Coal dust from the pulverizer can get into the gear drive, causing accelerated wear and shortening the life of the equipment. Nevertheless, there are ways to maintain the cleanliness of the oil indefinitely!

The Solution: COMO Filtration Systems

COMO Filtration is your answer to keeping lube oil clean! COMO Multi-Pass Filtration removes the water and particulate contamination from the lube oil, and thus extends the fluid life. Additionally, COMO Multi-Pass Filtration removes both fine and gross contamination. Our systems remove gross contamination (particles 100 µm and larger) with bag filters and fine contamination (particles down to 1 µm) with COMO’s depth filters.

COMO Multi-Pass Filtration systems perform on a kidney loop basis. In a kidney loop, the system continuously filters sump/reservoir lube oil independent of the machine’s normal operation. For that reason, our systems do not have to maintain a specified, or minimum, flow rate. Instead, they can filter the fluid slowly and continuously, removing contaminants in the sump/reservoir down to one micron in size.