Agricultural Equipment Oil Filtration

Maximize yields and extend the life of your agricultural equipment with precision filtration of engine and hydraulic oils.

To meet the ever-increasing demand for food, farmers rely on their ag equipment more than ever before. While technological advances have improved yields, they have also increased machine costs. It is critical to protect costly equipment assets and maximize machine life in order to achieve production goals and build farm equity.

COMO’s industrial-grade filters and filtration systems help ensure agricultural equipment stays up and running by capturing contaminants that OEM filters leave behind. Through improved machine reliability, COMO provides oil filtration for farm equipment which reduces operational costs, increases yields, and ensures your products make it from the field to the marketplace.

Challenges Facing the Agriculture Industry

  • Increasing demand for food
  • Rising costs of agricultural equipment
  • Market pressure to improve production efficiency
  • Very tight timelines due to weather and field conditions
  • Downtime from engine or hydraulic failure causing spoilage or delayed shipments
  • Increasing cost of engine oil and hydraulic oil disposal/replacement
  • Costly machine maintenance, repairs, and replacement

How COMO Can Improve Agricultural Equipment Performance

  • Bypass filtration removes particles and water that standard OEM filters cannot
  • Multiple filter sizes fit any engine or hydraulic system, from small to large
  • Industrial filters that work off existing engine oil pressure or hydraulic pressure
  • Reduce wear and extend the life of engine and hydraulic components
  • Improve machine reliability and increase uptime
  • Lower costs of oil disposal/replacement
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