Custom Industrial Filtration Systems

COMO can make customizations to our filtration systems to meet the needs of nearly any industrial fluid application.

Customizable Industrial Filtration Systems

Facilities, machines, contamination challenges, and cleanliness requirements are rarely the same.

We understand off-the-shelf products are not always the best fit for your specific application. That is why our in-house machine shop and engineers are dedicated to meeting your unique filtration needs and cleanliness goals.

Whether you just need a small tweak to an existing system or a completely made-to-order solution, COMO can make the custom industrial filtration system that works for you.

What Are Examples Of Common Custom Industrial Filtration Systems?

  • Inline Particle Counter
  • Immersion Heater For Low Temperature Or High-Viscosity Fluids
  • Variable Frequency Drive To Adjust Flow Rate
  • Strobe Light To Signal Element Change
  • Custom Fittings & Hose Assemblies
  • Material Selection For Fluid & Environmental Compatibility

Want to know more?

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Give us a few details and let’s get your custom solution underway! We’ll want to know:

  • Fluid Type (Brand & Product Name)
  • Fluid Viscosity (cSt, SUS)
  • Operating Temperature
  • Volume of Fluid (Gallons, Litres)
  • Type of Contaminants (Particulate, Water, Tramp Oil, etc)