Como Filtration Systems


Fluid Recycling Systems

Fight back against increasingly high fluid disposal and replacement costs. COMO’s Fluid Recycling Systems will save you money by reducing labor, component wear, and downtime—all while minimizing waste and helping the environment.

Whether you need to efficiently process large batches, remove tramp oil from your water-based fluid, achieve desired oil dryness levels, or any combination thereof, we have a COMO Recycling System that will work for you.

Oil Recycling Systems:

  • Remove gross water and particulate contamination by heating and settling
  • Conserve energy and filter element usage through batch processing
  • Quickly dry oil to 40 ppm with optional Air Strip Technology

Water-based Recycling Systems:

  • Remove particulate and tramp oil simultaneously
  • Be green and save some green: Our recycling systems help save the environment and your pocketbook.
  • Control bacteria buildup with optional ozone injection