Aviation Hydraulic Fluid Filtration

Exceed cleanliness requirements by filtering particulate and water contamination out of aerospace and aircraft oil.

COMO Filtration understands the strict regulations guiding the aerospace and aviation industries. We are committed to providing the absolute best and most cost-effective solutions for filtering particulate and moisture contamination out of aviation hydraulic oils and lubricants, such as Skydrol™ and Eastman Turbo Oil™.

Whether you need a dedicated filtration system to continuously clean your test stand oil or you’re looking for a portable machine that can be moved between aircrafts, COMO has a solution to meet and exceed your cleanliness requirements. Safety and reliability are of the utmost importance in the aviation industry, which is why leaders in the industry trust COMO to ensure the job is being done right the first time.

Challenges Facing Aviation and Aerospace Oil Filtration

  • Strict cleanliness requirements that limit ISO/NAS particulate contamination and ppm water content
  • Rising cost of aircraft oil such as Skydrol™, Exxon Hyjet™, and Eastman Turbo Oil™
  • Costly aviation fluid disposal fees
  • Time constraints for required maintenance
  • Reliability of aircraft hydraulic systems

How COMO Filtration Can Help With Aircraft Hydraulic Fluid Filtration

  • Portable oil filtration systems can be easily moved between equipment
  • Maintenance-friendly industrial filtration solutions requiring little or no attention
  • Industrial filters that remove up to 20lbs of particulate or up to 1gal of water
  • COMO depth filters reduce ppm water content well below requirements
  • Recycling of aviation turbine oil and fire-resistant hydraulic fluid
  • Reduced maintenance and increased equipment longevity
  • Improved reliability and safety of aircraft systems
For more information on recycling aircraft oil please visit our Hydraulic Oil Fluid Page or the Turbine Oil Fluid Page.