Construction Equipment Oil Filtration

Increase construction equipment longevity with industrial filtration for hydraulic, gear, and engine oils.

With nearly every piece of equipment using hydraulic oil, gear oil, or engine oil, it’s only natural that the construction industry can benefit immensely from industrial filtration systems. While OEM filters offer basic protection, industrial filters are capable of providing superior results that significantly reduce costs and keep equipment running longer and more efficiently.

Critical hydraulic components can easily fail when the hydraulic oil is contaminated with dirt or water. Our industrial filtration systems are extremely flexible, providing multiple different methods of cleaning the oil to a better-than-new condition, so you can get the job done.

Challenges the Construction Industry Faces

  • Heavily contaminated oil resulting in part failure
  • Increased cost of hydraulic, gear, and engine oil
  • Costly fluid disposal fees
  • Time constraints for required maintenance
  • Servicing equipment broken down in remote areas
  • Reliability of hydraulic components, gearboxes, and engines

How COMO Can Help With Construction Equipment Maintenance

  • Portable oil filtration systems that can be easily moved between equipment
  • Hydraulic safety valve filters mounted on the machine for constant industrial filtration
  • Engine oil bypass filtration with greater particulate/water removal than OEM filters
  • Multiple industrial filter sizes that fit a wide variety of equipment
  • Targeted heavy equipment filtration for excavators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, etc.
  • Maintenance-friendly solutions requiring little or no attention
  • Industrial filters that remove up to 20lbs of particulate or up to 1gal of water
  • Increased longevity of construction equipment with less maintenance
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