Gear Oil Filtration System

Extend Gear Oil Life and Minimize Maintenance Downtime.

Remove particulate and water contamination simultaneously to extend gear oil life and reduce wear to gears and bearings.

COMO will help you extend gearbox service intervals and keep your operation up and running. With more than twenty gear oil filter options, COMO can design a solution that meets your exact fluid cleanliness goals.

Contamination Causes Gear Oil Breakdown, Gearbox Failures and Downtime

Particulate in gear oil increases friction and process temperature, reduces gearbox efficiency and causes abrasive wear to components. Water can cause rust and corrosion, and it shortens gear oil life through oxidation and additive depletion.

When to replace your gear oil filtration system:

  • Frequent gear oil changes and high oil costs
  • Short gearbox life
  • Downtime from oil changes, maintenance and gearbox replacement
  • Changes to oil viscosity and lubrication performance
  • Oxidation, sludge or varnish buildup and premature additive depletion

Remove Particulate Contamination to Any Required Micron Level

Particulate is present in your gearbox from the start. New gearboxes and brand-new gear oil often already have unacceptable levels of particulate contamination, and new contaminants are constantly getting in from machine wear and from the atmosphere through leaks, worn seals, and vents. These particles cause pitting, spalling, and cracking of gear surfaces that lead to increased maintenance and downtime.

What are the benefits of a new gear oil filtration system:

  • Remove particulate to as low as one micron
  • Extend gear oil change intervals
  • Reduce gear and bearing wear
  •  Extend gear, bearing and overall gearbox life
  • Minimize downtime and increase productivity
  • Save on fluid disposal and replacement costs

Eliminate Water Contamination from Gear Oil

Humidity in the atmosphere can get into your gear oil through breathers and from condensation. Water contamination speeds up the process of oxidation that breaks down the oil molecules and creates acids. This can lead to rust and corrosion, changes in viscosity, additive depletion, and buildup of sludge or varnish.

If left unchecked, water contamination can shorten gear oil life, increase maintenance costs and lower productivity due to downtime. With COMO, you can:

  • Remove free, emulsified, and dissolved water
  • Extend gear oil life by reducing oxidation and additive depletion
  • Reduce corrosion and metal fatigue to gears and bearings
  • Save on costs and downtime associated with gear oil changes

Featured Product for Gear Oil Filtration

COMO Model 120-H

By adding a heater, the COMO Model 120-H solves the problem of prohibitively high startup pressures when filtering viscous fluids. Say goodbye to your problems caused by fluids or low temperature filtration!

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