Como Filtration Systems




Don’t dispose or replace your industrial fluids just because of water and particulate contamination. Instead, put COMO Multi-Pass Filtration to work for you! Save money on disposal and replacement costs while extending your fluid life by removing the water and/or particulate from your petroleum- or water-based fluid.

COMO Multi-Pass Filtration removes gross contamination (particles 100 µm and larger) with bag filters and fine contamination (particles down to 1 µm) with COMO’s depth filters.

COMO Multi-Pass Filtration performs on a kidney loop basis. In a kidney loop, our systems continuously filter the sump/reservoir fluid independent of the machines normal operation. Since filtration occurs independent of the machine’s normal operation, a specified, or minimum, flow rate does not have to be maintained. Our systems can perform slow and continuous filtration, reducing total contamination in the sump/reservoir to one micron or finer.

Most fluid systems incorporate standard in-line, full-flow filters to control particulate contamination that can cause catastrophic failure. Usually a 20-50 micron filter is placed in the return line to the reservoir. However, particles measuring 3 microns and finer contribute significantly to chain-reaction abrasive wear, especially in dynamic clearances such as close-tolerance servo valves. COMO offline filtration has dedicated depth-type filters that control contamination in the 1 to 5 micron range and remove moisture to reduce wear in critical or sensitive components.

You will quickly recover your investment in COMO Filtration Systems by minimizing component wear and associated machine failure and downtime, and by reducing fluid disposal and replacement costs.