Power Generation Oil Filtration

Improve reliability of power generation and distribution with industrial filtration of turbine and transformer oils.

Our transformer and turbine filtration equipment has serviced over 10,000 turbines, transformers, load tap changers, and circuit breakers. COMO understands first-hand how reliability and uptime are critical to the power generation industry.

Providing uninterrupted power to an ever-growing customer base starts with efficient, dependable generation from gas, steam, and hydroelectric turbines. COMO depth filters improve bearing, heat exchanger, and control valve reliability by removing both particulate and water contamination. In addition, our filters remove oxidation byproducts and the varnish they create.

Delivering power from generator to consumer requires an intricate network of transmission and distribution equipment, all demanding the same high level of reliability. Our filter systems increase the dielectric strength of insulating oils by removing particulate and dissolved water. Thereby, COMO helps improve the performance and longevity of transformers, load tap changers, and circuit breakers by minimizing arcing, contact wear, and buildup of carbon and combustible gases.

Challenges Facing Power Companies with oil filtration

  • Increased demand for reliable electricity due to population growth and expanding territory
  • Continuous particulate and water ingression from atmosphere or equipment processes
  • Deterioration of lubricating or insulating oil properties leading to excessive part wear and equipment failure
  • Inaccessibility and time constraints for routine maintenance

Importance of Transformer & Turbine Filtration

  • Stationary industrial filtration solutions for continuous particulate and water control
  • Portable oil filtration systems that can be easily moved between equipment
  • Maintenance-friendly solutions requiring little or no attention
  • Industrial filters that remove up to 20lbs of particulate or up to 1gal of water
  • COMO depth filters remove dissolved, emulsified, and free water
  • Increased longevity of equipment with less maintenance
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