Turbine Oil Filtration System

Extend Turbine Oil Life and Prevent Varnish and Sludge.

Remove particulate and water contamination simultaneously to reduce oxidation and varnish, extend turbine oil life, reduce bearing wear, and minimize maintenance downtime.

With more than twenty filter options, COMO can design a solution that meets your exact fluid cleanliness goals.

Turbine Oil Contamination Increases Wear, Maintenance and Downtime

Particulate and water contamination shorten turbine oil life, cause varnish and sludge deposits, and increase turbine maintenance and downtime.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s time to look for a new industrial filtration system:

  • Varnish and sludge accumulation in oil and on turbine components
  • Sticking or restriction of servo or directional valves
  • High turbine oil temperatures from poor heat transfer
  • Shortened turbine oil life from oxidation, additive depletion, and varnish
  • Bearing and other turbine component wear
  • Downtime from turbine maintenance

Filter Particulate Contamination to Any Required Micron Level

Turbine oils are continually subjected to particulate contamination and wear metals caused from surface rubbing, hydrogen-induced fractures and corrosion. These contaminants reduce turbine reliability and increase downtime by accelerating component wear and interfering with servo valve performance.

COMO can remove particulate to one micron, allowing you to achieve any turbine oil cleanliness goal and:

  • Extend bearing, seal and shaft life
  • Reduce maintenance and downtime costs
  • Minimize servo valve sticking and failures
  • Improve machine efficiency and reliability
  • Extend turbine oil life

Remove Water and Minimize Turbine Oil Oxidation

Water contamination can get into turbine oil from humidity and condensation inside reservoirs, oil cooler leaks and steam or vapor bypassing turbine seals. Water accelerates turbine oil oxidation, leading to higher rates of additive depletion, acid buildup and varnish formation. Also, water affects turbine oil viscosity and reduces film strength, which increases component wear rates through metal rubbing, cavitation, micro-dieseling and corrosion. COMO can help you to:

  • Remove free, emulsified and dissolved water
  • Keep acid number low by reducing oxidation and additive depletion
  • Remove and varnish and soft contaminants of oxidation
  • Extend bearing, shaft, and overall turbine life
  • Maximize turbine oil life and effectiveness

Featured Product for Turbine Oil Filtration

COMO Model 265

The Model 265 is designed for kidney-loop filtration of a single machine. With dozens of filter options, you can meet your exact cleanliness goals—as low as 1 µm and 20 ppm water.

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