Industrial Filtration for Manufacturing

Quality Industrial Oil & Water Filtration Solutions

Fortune 500 manufacturers utilize COMO’s industrial filtration solutions to maximize machine uptime and productivity.

To stay ahead of the competition, manufacturers are continuously looking for ways to reduce production costs while maximizing uptime and throughput. Adding a quality filtration program is a simple way to achieve these goals by cutting the cost of industrial fluid disposal/replacement and improving machine reliability.

That’s why Fortune 500 companies choose COMO Filtration to supply high-quality, long-lasting industrial filters and filtration solutions aimed at keeping production flowing—all while providing a quick return on investment. We design our systems to be hassle-free, keeping your fluid cleaner-than-new and requiring little to no attention from your maintenance staff.

Challenges Manufacturers Face

  • Maintaining a steady throughput
  • Consistent quality of parts
  • Expensive machine breakdowns and rising maintenance costs
  • Reducing waste/disposal of oil and other industrial fluids
  • Frequent changing of OEM filters
  • Maintaining a healthy and safe work environment

How COMO Filtration Can Help Manufacturers

  • Stationary filtration systems for maximum reliability of machines
  • Portable filtration systems for flexibility with preventive maintenance (PM) schedules
  • ‘Set it and forget it’ hassle-free system design and functionality
  • Higher dirt holding capacity and longer filter life than competitors
  • Less maintenance, lower filter cost, and fewer disposal fees compared to conventional filters
  • Greater particulate removal resulting in lengthened OEM filter life
  • Particulate and water removal in the same industrial filter element
  • Custom-tailored solutions and over 35 years of expertise in the manufacturing industry
For more information on industrial filtration solutions for your specific fluid, visit our Fluids Page.