Transportation and Fleet Oil Filtration

Achieve cleaner engine oil with industrial filtration to reduce maintenance and fleet breakdowns.

When vehicles in a fleet break down, the repair bills aren’t the only things that impact the bottom line. An out-of-commission vehicle can cost thousands of dollars per day in lost revenue.

Stock OEM oil filters must process high flow rates without restricting oil flow to the engine. To accomplish this, they are designed with coarse filter media that removes only the largest contaminants, 20-40 microns and larger. This design leaves behind smaller contaminants that are detrimental to your engine.

Adding a bypass style industrial filtration system to your engine, in addition to the existing OEM filter, allows for more precise filtration by utilizing a lower flow rate through more efficient filter media. A COMO bypass engine oil filter removes particulate and water from your oil to prolong component life, extend oil drain intervals, and keep fleet vehicles on the road longer.

Challenges Facing Transportation Fleets

  • Increasing cost of engine oil
  • Engine failure resulting in downtime and delayed shipments
  • Costly engine repairs
  • Breakdowns in areas with lack of repair shops
  • Increasing demand for faster delivery

How COMO Filtration Can Help With Diesel Engine Performance

  • When OEM filters just don’t cut it, bypass oil filtration offer greater particulate/water removal and results in cleaner engine oil
  • Multiple filter sizes for small to large engines
  • Industrial filters that work off existing engine oil pressure
  • Extends oil drain intervals
  • Lower oil replacement/disposal cost
  • Increased engine performance
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