Bypass Diesel Oil Filtration

Reduce Engine Wear and Extend Oil Drain Intervals.

Remove water and abrasive particulate contamination from your oil to reduce engine component wear, minimize maintenance downtime, and extend the life of your oil and your engine.

With more than twenty filter options, COMO can customize a bypass diesel oil filtration solution that meets your exact fluid cleanliness goals.

Contamination Causes Engine Oil Breakdown and Premature Engine Wear

Particulate contamination scratches metal surfaces and causes metal fatigue, leading to excessive engine wear, increased maintenance and more downtime. Water in your oil corrodes metal surfaces, increases oxidation, depletes additives and shortens oil life.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s time to improve your engine oil filtration:

  • Excessive engine wear
  • Wear metals (iron, lead, and copper), water, or sludge in your oil
  • Increased oil consumption and exhaust smoke caused by crankcase blow-by
  • Downtime from frequent oil changes and engine maintenance
  • Engine overhaul or replacement of valves, bearings, gaskets, and seals
  • Short oil life due to oxidation, acid buildup, and additive depletion
  • High oil disposal and replacement costs

Filter Particulate Contamination to Any Required Micron Level

Engine oil is subjected to metal fines from engine wear, dust entering through the air intake system and soot from combustion chamber blow-by. The OEM, full-flow filter removes large particles, but is incapable of removing fine particles the size of oil film clearances. It is these fine particles that cause the most engine wear, leading to higher oil consumption, increased engine maintenance and downtime, and triggering oil changes.

COMO can filter to as low as one micron, removing fine particles the full-flow filter leaves behind and helping you:

  • Remove particles that are too small to be removed by the full-flow filter
  • Extend oil life and oil drain intervals
  • Reduce costs and downtime from engine maintenance
  • Minimize wear to engine components and extend engine life
  • Reduce blow-by and oil consumption from worn cylinders and piston rings
  • Maintain engine compression and combustion efficiency
  • Save on fluid disposal and replacement costs

Eliminate Water Contamination and Extend Oil Life

Water vapor and steam are produced during fuel combustion. This moisture usually vaporizes at engine operating temperatures. However, during low-temperature startups and short trips, the engine oil is cool enough for these vapors to condense into water drops that contaminate the oil. Water accelerates oil oxidation, causing acid buildup that corrodes engine components and depletes oil additives. COMO can help you to:

  • Remove free, emulsified, and dissolved water
  • Minimize oxidation that causes acid and sludge buildup
  • Extend additive life and overall life of your engine oil
  • Reduce wear and corrosion to engine components
  • Reduce engine maintenance and costs from oil disposal and replacement

Featured Product for Engine/Motor Oil Filtration

COMO Black Gold Filtration System

The COMO Black Gold Filtration System extends oil and engine life by virtually eliminating the major causes of engine wear by removing contaminants in the one to ten micron range, increasing time between oil changes by continually cleaning the oil and protecting oil from breakdown by absorbing coolant and water.

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