Diesel Tank Filtration System

Improve Pump & Injector Performance by Extending Fuel Life.

Remove water and particulate simultaneously to curb microbial growth, improve fuel efficiency, extend diesel component life and improve overall performance and reliability.

With more than twenty filter options, COMO can design a solution that meets your exact fluid cleanliness goals.

Contamination Reduces Fuel Efficiency, Engine Reliability and Productivity

Microbial growth due to water contamination shortens fuel life and leads to harmful deposits on the engine and injectors. Particulate contaminants damage high-pressure fuel pumps and fuel injection systems.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s time to look for a new industrial filtration system:

  • Accelerated fuel breakdown
  • Bacterial and fungal growth in fuel-holding tanks
  • Corrosion to holding tanks and fuel system
  • Inefficient fuel and cold-start performance
  • Engine running rough or noisy, or emitting black smoke
  • Fuel pump and injectors requiring regular maintenance
  • Reduced engine performance and reliability

Filter Particulate Contamination to One Micron and Below

Particulate contamination gets into diesel fuel from atmospheric dust through holding tank vents and from rust and corrosion of the tanks themselves. Without filtration, these particulates make their way into an engines fuel system. Inside the fuel system, particles can damage fuel pumps and clog fuel injectors, reducing fuel efficiency and engine reliability.

COMO has diesel tank filtration systems that remove particulate to one micron, allowing you to achieve cleanliness levels recommended for today’s fuel pumps and high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel injection systems so you can:

  • Extend diesel fuel life
  • Improve diesel fuel efficiency
  • Improve engine performance and increase reliability
  • Reduce fuel system component wear and maintenance

Eliminate All Forms of Water Contamination

Water contamination gets into diesel fuel through condensation that forms on holding tank walls when humid air enters through the tank vents. Water contamination breaks down the fuel and corrodes holding tanks and fuel system components. COMO filters can remove up to one gallon of free, emulsified and dissolved water from diesel fuel, allowing you to keep your fuel dry so you can:

  • Extend diesel fuel life by minimizing oxidation and microbial growth
  • Minimize corrosion of fuel holding tanks and fuel system components
  • Improve engine performance and increase reliability
  • Promote quality fuel combustion and minimize engine deposits

Featured Products for Diesel Fuel Filtration

Turbine Oil FIlter
COMO Model 265-400

The Model 265-400 excels in applications with large contaminants. A filter-bag removes large particles before the COMO Filter polishes the fluid to any cleanliness level you desire.

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