Cutting Oil Filtration System

Extend Cutting Oil Life and Improve Productivity.

Remove fines, chips, swarf and any water contamination to extend tool and die life, minimize rejected parts, and reduce oil replacement costs.

With more than twenty filter options, COMO can design a solution that meets your exact fluid cleanliness goals.

Oil Contamination is the Leading Cause of Cutting Tool Failures and Rejected Parts

Particulate and water contamination cause excessive tool and die wear, lower surface finish quality, and shorten fluid life. If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s time to look for a new industrial filtration system:

  • Short tool life
  • Unacceptable part finish quality
  • Increased friction & process temperature
  • Short fluid life and poor lubricity
  • Loss of productivity from rejected parts and downtime
  • High costs for oil disposal and replacement

Filter Chips and Fines to Any Micron Level

Chips and fines accumulate in cutting oil from the machining process itself. The particles increase friction and abrasive wear between the tool and workpiece, which leads to short tool life and rejected parts.

Using multiple stages, COMO can efficiently remove both large chips and small fines down to one micron—allowing you to achieve any desired cleanliness goal. Also, COMO can help reclaim cutting oil collected from chip spinners and wringers. With COMOcutting oil filtration systems, you will:

  • Extend tool and die life
  • Improve part quality, machine efficiency and overall productivity
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs
  • Save on fluid disposal and replacement

Eliminate Water Contamination

Water can enter your system from humidity, condensation, or from cross-contamination with aqueous cleaners and water-based coolants. Water contamination reduces lubricity and increases process friction and temperature. These symptoms of water contamination negatively affect profitability by accelerating fluid breakdown, reducing tool and die life, and lowering the overall quality of the finished product. COMO can help you to:

  • Remove free, emulsified and dissolved water
  • Improve quality of final product
  • Extend tool and die life
  • Extend additive and overall oil life
  • Decrease fluid and replacement costs
  • Decrease machine downtime and improve productivity

Featured Product for Cutting Oil Filtration

COMO Model 110

The Model 110 specializes in applications with large contaminants. A filter-bag removes large particles before the COMO Filter polishes the fluid to any cleanliness level you desire.

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