EDM Oil Filtration System

Extend EDM Tool Life and Improve Part Quality.

Remove particulate and water contamination simultaneously to extend EDM tool and oil life, minimize arcing and pitting, and improve cycle times.

With more than twenty filter options, COMO can design a solution that meets your exact fluid cleanliness goals.

Oil Contamination Leads to DC Arcing, Rejects and Frequent Tool Replacement

Particulate contamination from the work process creates fluctuating temperatures resulting in poor parts finish and electrode tool failure. Water contamination from water-based coolants causes oxidation leading to high acid numbers.

If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it’s time to look for a new industrial filtration system:

  • Rejected parts from DC arcing, pitting and low-quality surface finish
  • Loss of productivity from frequent electrode changes and poor cycle times
  • Decreased dielectric strength resulting in unstable discharge
  • EDM oil oxidation and increased TAN numbers
  • High costs for oil disposal and replacement

Filter Particulate Contamination to One Micron and Below

EDM oil is constantly being contaminated by fine chips and metal debris from the machining process. The fine metal particulate reduces the oil’s dielectric strength, increases arcing and pitting, and diminishes surface finish quality. Particulate contamination also reduces productivity by slowing cutting speeds and increasing downtime from electrode repair and replacement.

COMO can remove particulate to one micron, allowing you to achieve any desired cleanliness goal. With COMO, you will:

  • Remove chips and fines to increase dielectric strength of EDM oil
  • Improve discharge stability, cut efficiency and cycle times
  • Reduce arcing and pitting to improve surface finish quality
  • Extend electrode tool life and improve overall productivity
  • Save on fluid disposal and replacement costs
  • Remove Water and Minimize Turbine Oil Oxidation

Eliminate Water Contamination and Reduce Fluid Oxidation

Water contamination accelerates oxidation, causing acid buildup and gummy residues in your system similar to varnish. These side-effects of water contamination shorten EDM oil life and reduce productivity by slowing chip removal and cutting speeds. To prevent these problems, COMO can help you to:

  • Remove free, emulsified and dissolved water
  • Minimize fluid oxidation that cause acid buildup and breakdown residues
  • Improve cutting speeds and cycle times
  • Extend fluid life by keeping acid number low

Featured Product for EDM Oil Filtration

COMO Model 210-EDM

The COMO Model 210-EDM has been built specifically to endure the conditions of EDM filtration. We make sure the components stand up to extremely harsh conditions so that you can minimize downtime and focus on getting more done!

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