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Parts Washer Fluid

What happens to parts washer fluids over time?

As you use and reuse your parts washer fluid, it begins to accumulate tramp oil and contaminants that accumulate in the tramp oil. As time goes on, this buildup will negatively affect your finished parts. Oil and contaminants in your parts washer fluid will attach to your product, resulting in rejected parts from your customer. Re-washing the parts uses valuable resources that will negatively affect your profit.

Are you experiencing any of the following problems?

  • Unacceptable finished product
  • Tramp oil
  • Short fluid life
  • High disposal cost
  • High replacement cost

Solution: COMO Filtration Systems

The presence of tramp oil and contaminants does not mean that the parts washer fluid must be disposed of and replaced. COMO Filtration Systems can remove the tramp oil and contaminants from the parts washer fluid, thus extending the life of the fluid.

Our COMO Coalescer-Separators can accomplish this task for you in either a portable or free standing unit. Our system passes the fluid through our floating skimmer into a hanging filter bag that catches the particulate. Next, our system directs the fluid into our coalescing tank for tramp oil removal; thus restoring your parts washer fluid.


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