Water-Glycol Hydraulic Fluid Filtration

Extend Water-Glycol Life and Reduce Machine Downtime.

Remove particulate and tramp oils simultaneously to extend water-glycol life, reduce pump and component wear, improve machine efficiency, and minimize downtime.

With more than twenty filter options, COMO can design a solution that meets your exact fluid cleanliness goals.

Contamination Reduces Machine Reliability and Shortens Water-Glycol Life

Particulate and tramp oils deplete additives in water-glycol, increasing machine wear and corrosion and shortening fluid life. Also, contamination damages pumps and components, interferes with valve functionality, and causes failures and downtime. If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s time to look for a new industrial filtration system:

  • Replacement of pumps, bearings, proportional valves, and servo valves
  • Component wear and corrosion
  • Rejected parts, poor cycle times, and downtime
  • High costs for fluid disposal and replacement
  • Sticking valves and blocked ports & orifices
  • Additive depletion and frequent fluid changes

Filter Particulate Contamination to One Micron and Below

Particulate contamination is constantly working its way into your hydraulic system, accumulating in water-glycol from machine wear and dust ingression. New machines and even brand-new fluids aren’t even clean from the manufacturer. All these contaminants increase downtime by shortening fluid and component life.

COMO can remove particulate to one micron, allowing you to achieve any ISO cleanliness goal. With COMO, you will:

  • Extend water-glycol life
  • Reduce wear to hydraulic pumps and components
  • Minimize downtime and maintenance costs
  • Save on fluid disposal and replacement
  • Improve part quality, machine efficiency, and overall productivity

Eliminate Tramp Oil Contamination in Water-Glycol Hydraulic Fluid

Tramp oils can get into water-glycol through cross-contamination or reservoir leaks. These oils float on the fluid surface and can absorb critical additives, increasing wear and corrosion to your machine. Our water-glycol filters adsorb tramp oils, removing them from your fluid reservoir. With COMO, you can:

  • Remove tramp oils
  • Maintain high alkaline reserve (AR) number
  • Keep pH above 8.0
  • Extend additive and overall fluid life

Industrial Oil Filters for Water-Glycol Hydraulic Fluid

Portable Oil Filtration
COMO Model 120-Air Water-Based

The Model 120-AW is a turnkey filter cart designed for water-based applications when shop air is needed.

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Stationary Oil Filtration System
COMO Model 265-Air Water-Based

The Model 265-AW is a dedicated version of the Model 120-AW and is designed to filter water-based fluids in a single sump using shop air.

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