Drawing and Stamping Fluid Reclamation

Remove Particulate and Tramp Oil Contamination to Extend Fluid Life.

Remove stubborn particulate and tramp oil contamination to extend drawing and stamping fluid life, reduce tooling wear, improve part quality, and cut fluid disposal costs.

With more than twenty filter options, COMO can design a solution that meets your exact fluid cleanliness goals.

Contamination Deteriorates Drawing and Stamping Fluid, Causing Part and Tooling Defects

Particulate and tramp oil break down fluid emulsions and promote microbial growth in your drawing and stamping fluids. This leads to reduced lubricity and heat transfer, increased scratching and galling, and shortening fluid life.

If you’re experiencing any of the following, it’s time to look for a new drawing and stamping fluid reclamation system:

  • Scratching and galling of tool and die
  • Elevated process friction and temperatures
  • Cracking, splitting, scoring, or wrinkling of the workpiece
  • Rejected parts and frequent punch and die maintenance
  • Tramp oil contamination or microbial growth
  • Stinking fluid and dermatitis

Filter Particulate Contamination to Any Desired Micron Level

COMO can remove particulate down to one micron, allowing you to achieve any desired cleanliness goal and:

  • Extend tool and die life by minimizing scratching and galling
  • Improve part quality and reduce part rejects
  • Increase productivity with less tool maintenance and downtime
  • Reduce friction to keep acceptable process temperatures
  • Save on disposal and replacement costs by extending fluid life

Remove Tramp Oils that Cause Odors and Affect Part Quality

Tramp oil enters your fluid from residual oils on the workpiece and through cross contamination with machine oils. The tramp oils weaken the fluid emulsion, thus reducing lubricity and increasing galling and scratching of the tool and workpiece. Bacteria thrives in the anaerobic environment created by tramp oil, which causes strong odors, skin irritation, and shortens fluid life.

COMO can remove tramp oil and help you to:

  • Prevent bacterial growth and skin irritation
  • Reduce ripping, tearing, and wrinkling of the workpiece
  • Extend tool and die life
  • Extend fluid life and reduce disposal and replacement costs

Featured Products for Drawing and Stamping Fluid Filtering

coalescer separator filtration system
COMO Coalescer-Separators

COMO’s coalescer/separators filter up to 180° F with a pH range from 3 to 11 and give you more separation volume at a lower velocity than any other system.

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COMO Model 110 Filter System

The Model 110 specializes in applications with large contaminants. A filter-bag removes large particles before the COMO Filter polishes the fluid to any cleanliness level you desire.

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