Como Filtration Systems


Engine Oil

What happens to your engine oil over time?

The normal operation of a vehicle continuously introduces contaminants into the system, including soot from combustion, abrasive dust from air intake, and metal-wear particles from engine operation. This contamination causes engine wear and oil degradation, which leads to increased maintenance and downtime.

The Solution: COMO Filtration Systems

Minimize downtime and maintenance with our COMO Black Gold Filtration Systems. Primary, full-flow filters protect the engine from relatively large (30-40 µm and larger) particles of contamination; however, they pass 100 percent of the oil through the filter before sending it to the engine, which demands a fast flow-rate. In order to remove finer particles, oil must be passed through the filter at a slower rate.

By using Auxiliary Bypass Filtration, COMO Black Gold Filtration Systems allow just this. Only a small portion of the oil is diverted to our secondary filter. Since our filters work independently of the vehicle’s primary filter, they do not have to maintain a specified, or minimum, flow rate. Instead, our Black Gold Filtration Systems can work slowly and continuously to remove contaminants down to one micron in size, effectively extending engine life.