Como Filtration Systems


What Are You Filtering?

What Are You Filtering?

Water and particulate contamination does not mean that the hydraulic oil must be disposed of and replaced. COMO Multi-Pass Filtration removes the water and/or particulate from the hydraulic oil, and thus extends the fluid life. Additionally, COMO Multi-Pass Filtration removes both fine and gross contamination. Our systems remove gross contamination (particles 100 µm and larger) with bag filters and fine contamination (particles down to 1 µm) with COMO’s depth filters.

COMO Multi-Pass Filtration performs on a kidney loop basis. In a kidney loop, our systems continuously filter the sump/reservoir hydraulic oil independent of the machines normal operation. Since filtration occurs independent of the machine’s normal operation, a specified, or minimum, flow rate does not have to be maintained. Our systems can perform slow and continuous filtration, reducing total contamination in the sump/reservoir to one micron or finer.

  • Water-Based Filtration

    In addition to filtering out particulate contamination, you can separate tramp oil from your water-based industrial fluids by using COMO’s Filtration and Recycling Systems; thus, reclaiming your water-based fluids and saving you from costly fluid disposal and replacement. Air Strip Technology, Dissolved Air Flotation, and Ozone Injection are just a few examples of the superior technologies COMO makes available to you in order to solve your water-based fluid filtration problems. 

  • Petroleum-Based Filtration

    Remove damaging water and particulate contamination from your petroleum-based fluids, and in turn, increase your profit by minimizing component wear, maintenance, and downtime. COMO’s wide selection of filter elements and Filtration and Recycling Systems allows us to solve any of your fluid filtration problems.