Como Filtration Systems


Dissolved Air Flotation

Dissolved Air Floated Recycling SystemCOMO Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is the solution for water-based fluid maintenance, recycling, and oil disposal problems. COMO's Dissolved Air Flotation Recycling System is based on bubble nucleation, and is a low cost alternative to ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis. It is of rugged construction, has easy access controls, simple operation, and can be operated in either manual or automatic modes.

When air is dissolved under pressure in water and then the pressure is suddenly released, any air content above the saturation point at the new, lower pressure will come out of solution in the form of tiny bubbles. These bubbles need a particle or surface upon which to form, and in our case, oil droplets and contaminant work well for bubble nucleation. Once enough bubbles form on the particle, it floats to the top of the water where our flexible-blade, horizontal skimmer can easily remove it.

COMO Dissolved Air Flotation Systems do not require compressed air for operation; instead, the system pump drives a hydrodynamic compressor to draw-in and compress air. 


  • Removes suspended solids and oils
  • Eliminates odors
  • Kills anaerobic bacteria
  • Can strip oil/water emulsions
  • No expensive membrane cartridges
  • Low maintenance
  • Low set-up and operating costs


  • Polishing filter ultra-fine filtration
  • Bag filter for pre-filtration
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Floating pick-up


  • Portable
  • 50, 160, or 450 gallon tank
  • Ozone injection
  • Manual or automatic operation