Como Filtration Systems


Explosion Proof Filtration Systems

Explosion Proof Filtration Systems

COMO Explosion-Proof Systems allow users to filter fluid that either has a low flash point or is in an area where explosive gasses may be present.

 Model 2652 Air Stainless Steel Explosion Proof Filtration System

Air Diaphragm Filtration Systems

By using an air diaphragm pump with a grounding strap we eliminate any possbility of an electrical spark that would result in ignition of fluid or present gasses.  Our air diaphragm systems come standard with an air regulator which will allow a designated amount of air from the shop air line, and a needle valve to adjust the strength of that air flow.  If you have access to shop air this is a cheaper and effective way to have an explosion-proof system. 


(Model shown is Model 2652 Stainless Steel with Air Diaphragm Pump and Pulsation Dampener)



Electric Motor and Gear Pump Filtration SystemsModel 502 Portable Electric Explosion Proof Filtration System

For those who don't have access to shop air, or don't wish to have an air-diaphragm pump, we can go with an explosion-proof electric motor with explosion-proof enclosures/plumbing. This will ensure that if a spark does occur, that it is isolated from any fluid or gas that may be present.  This is a more expensive route to take in making an explosion-proof system but when it comes to safety no expense should be spared.


(Model shown is Model 503-20 High Capacity Filtration Housings with Explosion-Proof Motor and Explosion-Proof enclosures/plumbing)


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