Como Filtration Systems


Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Are you unable to find the exact system to match your fluid filtration problem? Let us know!

A considerable amount of COMO’s production comes in the form of custom-made systems, whether it be one small tweak to an existing system or a made-to-order system derived from our base models. No filtration problem is too big or too difficult for COMO to tackle.

In order to get your custom solution underway, collect this important information:

  • Fluid Type or Chemistry (Water- or Petroleum-based, Hydraulic Oil, Lube Oil, etc.)
  • Operating Temperature
  • Fluid Viscosity (SAE, ISO, SUS, cSt)
  • Volume of Fluid (Gallons, Litres)
  • System Pressure (PSI)
  • Type of Contaminants (Water, Oil, Particulate, etc)

With this information together, print and fill out our Custom Solutions Quote Proposal form. Then, either fax it to us at 608.756.1262 or mail it in.