Como Filtration Systems


Company History

In 1959, Harvey Schade had a general-service garage in Brooklyn, Wisconsin. A customer brought in a toilet paper filter for Harvey to install on the customer’s car, and it captured Harvey’s interest! He ordered six more of the Frantz filters for himself, and after a few years, Harvey started selling the filters out of his service garage. By 1963, he had sold the garage and went into the business of selling filters full-time.

Harvey had a filter dealer in Rockford, IL that worked for Rockford Products Corporation. Through his dealer, Harvey was introduced to filtration shortcomings on the industrial level, so he ended up adapting a filter to use in this industrial market. Harvey‘s industrial filters were a huge success, and in 1969, Harvey shifted his focus to industrial filtration. In 1971, Harvey and his brother, Maynard, joined forces, and in 1973, the Schade brothers formed their first filtration corporation. Within a few years, however, Harvey and Maynard left the corporation for personal and professional reasons.

For their next venture, the brothers took on the name COMO, derived from Maynard’s business working with Components for Modelers. Maynard, having spent countless hours working with model airplanes, designed and patented a small fuel pump for the planes. They marketed the fuel pumps through ROBART, a company in Chicago. It was through this connection that the brothers met Bart Furey, one of the original co-owners of ROBART, who worked as a product engineer until his retirement in 2014.

Since Harvey’s retirement in 2000, his son Doug and daughter Lynne, along with a management team including his grandsons Eric and Cory, have been working hard to keep his values and ideas going…Tell us your problem and we will find you a solution!