Industrial Filters That Fit

Maximize fluid life, increase efficiency and minimize equipment downtime with premium industrial filtration solutions designed to meet your exact requirements. Meet COMO. Ready to solve any filtration challenge, no matter how big or small, with on-demand engineering and industry expertise.

What Are You Filtering?

No two industrial filtration applications are identical. Whether the fluid is oil- or water-based, high or low viscosity, hot or cold, COMO Filtration Systems can help.

Industrial Oil Filtration

Remove damaging water and particulate contamination to one micron or finer with continuous filtration, helping reduce downtime and maximize productivity.

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Industrial Water Filtration

Reclaim water-based fluids by filtering out particulate contamination and separating tramp oil–all without impacting the machine’s normal operations.

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Industrial Filtration Products

COMO offers a full range of filters, filtration systems and components for oil-based and water-based applications, so you can get exactly what you need fast. Do you have a unique challenge or just need an expert opinion? Our knowledgeable team has decades of hands-on experience and our on-site machine shop means we can customize solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Stationary Filtration Systems

Continuously filter your reservoir and remove particles to one micron or finer—all without impacting normal machine operation. With COMO’s kidney loop filtration installed on your machine, you will extend oil life, reduce maintenance and maximize productivity.

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Stationary Oil Filtration System

Portable Filter Carts

Need high-performance filtration in more than one area? No problem. COMO’s portable filter carts make going from one machine to the next quick and easy. Our high/low pressure switch allows for safe, unattended operation of the portable filtration system.

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Portable Filters


Keep fluids flowing while removing tramp oil from machine tool coolant, wash water or other water-based fluids. COMO delivers a robust coalescer-separator with higher-quality components and more separation volume than comparable systems.

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COMO Filtration Coalecers

Oil Recycling Systems

COMO Oil Recycling Systems offer a three-phase approach to efficiently filter batches of contaminated oil and provide a continuous, on-demand supply of cleaner-than-new oil. Heating and settling phases first remove most of the particulate and water via sedimentation. The filtration phase polishes the oil using COMO Depth Filters.

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Oil Recycling

Filter Elements

Achieve high-efficiency and longer filter life. COMO depth filters have high beta ratios and can achieve dirt-holding capacities in excess of twenty pounds, meaning better performance for longer. Get the exact cleanliness level you need for whatever fluid you’re filtering.

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Fluid Filter Element

Custom Industrial Filtration Systems

Have a unique requirement or challenge when it comes to deploying performance filtration? COMO’s in-house R&D and manufacturing teams can craft a system that solves your specific problem, simply.

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Custom Oil Filters

Industry Solutions

No matter the industry, COMO has industrial filters that fit. We have been providing filtration solutions for more than 35 years. Let us put our experience to work for you.