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Cutting Oil

What is the primary use for cutting oils?

Cutting oils are primarily used as a lubricant in the interface between the chips and the tool’s cutting edge, reducing process friction and aiding in chip flow. Cutting oils are also employed as a cooling agent to remove any process-generated heat, as they increase the rate of heat flow from the machining process.

This lubrication and cooling improves the surface finish of the machined work; however, contamination in the form of water, particulate, metal shavings, or tramp oil builds up over time and will compromise the finishing quality of the cutting oil.

Are you experiencing any of the following problems with your cutting oil?

  • Unacceptable processed part
  • Excess chips in the "cutting zone"
  • Increased process friction
  • Elevation in process temperature

Solution: COMO Filtration Systems

Particulate contamination does not mean that the cutting oil must be disposed of and replaced. COMO Multi-Pass Depth-Filtration removes the particulate from the cutting oil, and thus extends the fluid’s life.

COMO Multi-Pass Depth-Filtration removes both fine and gross contamination, which will improve finish quality by reducing part-cracking , distortions, and process friction.


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