Como Filtration Systems


Hydraulic Filter Safety Valves

Finally, a flow and pressure-regulating valve that works!Hydraulic Safety Valve

To maintain a cleaner hydraulic system, install one of COMO Filtration Systems' off-line, depth-type, low-pressure filter vessels directly to a high-pressure system without exceeding filter vessel pressure rating. Our hydraulic filter safety valves can be used safely with a 3,000 PSI hydraulic system, with optional 5,000 PSI model available.

The hydraulic filter safety valve is easy to install and provides excellent protection for all hydraulic applications. The valve will maintain a maximum of 60 PSI in the housing, with constant flow, for continuous contamination control.

The COMO Hydraulic Filter Safety Valve:

  • Meters the flow from a high-pressure source
  • Gives positive control of the pressure
  • Maintains a constant performance over a wide range of pressures
  • Responds rapidly
  • Manages more intense hydraulic spikes
  • Is dependable, durable, and precise
  • Is simple to install

Options available with the COMO Hydraulic Filter Safety Valves:Depth Filter Housing with Hydraulic Safety Valve

  • The COMO Hydraulic Filter Safety Valve by itself
    • Quick and easy to install on any hydraulic system
    • Ideal for retrofitting existing hydraulic installations in the field
  • The COMO Hydraulic Filter Safety Valve mounted to a COMO housing
    • Valve is securely affixed to facilitate rapid installation
    • Ideal for new installation