Como Filtration Systems


Oil Recycling Systems

Model 4000 Semi-Automatic Oil Recycling SystemCOMO's Oil Recycling Systems range in process capacity from 50 to 3,000 gallons, allowing you to conserve energy and filter element usage through batch processing. The trick is our use of heating and settling to remove gross water and particulate contamination. This way, your filter elements are not being prematurely loaded by gross (100 µm and larger) contamination; instead, they are put to work where they really excel—in filtering out the fine contamination.

Minimize or eliminate your new oil purchases and your disposal costs with any of the COMO Oil Recycling Systems.

COMO's Oil Recycling Systems allow you to:

  • Choose from a wide filter element selection to achieve desired oil cleanliness and dryness to as low as 20 ppm
  • Remove gross water and particulate contamination by heating and settling
  • Conserve energy and filter element usage by batch processing
  • Extend oil life and performance
  • Minimize oil replacement costs
  • Minimize oil disposal costs

COMO's Oil Recycling System options:

  • Air Strip Technology for accelerated oil drying
  • Manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic process control

Standard models:

  • Model 2000 — 100 Gallon Process Tank, 3 GPM Pump
  • Model 4000 — 250 Gallon Process Tank, 8 GPM Pump (pictured above)
  • Model 12000 — 600 Gallon Process Tank, 8-10 GPM Pump