Como Filtration Systems


Model 210: EDM Filtration

This filtration unit excels at dealing with the high amount of hardened particulate contamination produced in electric discharge machining.


The COMO Model 210-EDM has been built specifically to endure the the conditions of EDM filtration.  We make sure the components stand up to extremely harsh conditions so that you can minimize downtime and focus on getting more done!

Como Model 210-EDM specifications:

  • Two C-1000 filter housings
  • 10 GPM hardened gear pump
  • Dimensions: 461/2"H x 23"W x 24"D
  • Approximate shipping weight: 190 lbs.

The COMO Model 210-EDM can help you solve the following problems:

  • High abundance of metal particulate
  • Contaminants in oil
  • Moisture in oil
  • System failure
  • High replacement costs
  • High disposal costs
  • Service Outages
  • Pitting and DC arcing
  • Poor cutting times

The COMO Model 210-EDM provides:

  • Quick and continuous oil filtration
  • Ultra-fine contamination control
  • Water removal
  • Easy movement from job to job
  • Fully automatic operation

COMO Model 210-EDM standard features include:

  • Pressure gauge to monitor element condition
  • Inlet why strainer to protect pump
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Stainless steel element lifter
  • 115 VAC, 60Hz, TEFC, 1725 RPM motor

Additional options available for the COMO Model 210-EDM:

  • Motor available in any voltage or phase
  • Alternative pump (centrifugal or air diaphragm)
  • Stainless steel, chrome-plated, blue powder coat finishes
  • Dedicated system instead of portable