Como Filtration Systems


Dedicated Filtration Systems

We designed our COMO Free Standing Filtration Systems for use as dedicated filtration equipment on sumps and reservoirs. These systems can accommodate a wide range of flow rates, from a 1.5 GPM pump up to a 40 GPM pump—always leaving the possibility of higher flow rates with custom orders.

COMO's Free Standing Filtration Systems provide:

  • Continuous and quick oil filtration
  • Ultra-fine contamination control to finer than one micron
  • Water removal up to one gallon per element (up to five gallons on Models 501 & 502)
  • Dedicated filtration
  • Fully automatic operation

COMO's Free Standing Filtration Systems filter:

  • Hydraulic oil
  • Synthetic hydraulic fluid
  • Lubricating oil
  • Quench oil
  • Drawing oil
  • Cutting oil
  • Transformer oil
  • Vacuum pump oil
  • Gear box oil
  • Engine oil
  • Water-glycol fluid
  • Ester base fluid

Don’t dispose or replace your industrial fluids just because of water and particulate contamination. Instead, put COMO Multi-Pass Filtration to work for you! Save money on disposal and replacement costs while extending your fluid life by removing the water and/or particulate from your petroleum- or water-based fluid.

COMO Multi-Pass Filtration removes gross contamination (particles 100 µm and larger) with bag filters and fine contamination (particles down to 1 µm) with COMO’s depth filters.